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Style: Rock, Pop
Irn Bru (soft drink  UK), McCain Microchips (UK), Tradepoint (Radio UK), Nissan Cars (Japan), Minute Maid (soft drink..USA),  DVLA  (“Travelling Man” UK),
Thomas the Tank Engine : Hero of the Rails, Blue Mountain Mystery, Day of the Diesels, King of the Railway
Hollywood Men,  New Tricks, BBC Electric Proms (Dizzee Rascal), Various Song for Europe performances, Top of the Pops, Later with Jools, UK Lottery Show, the Kelly Show (Northern Ireland)
Dizzee Rascal (Fix up look sharp), The Streets (Dry your eyes), Ultravox (albums), Naughty Boy/Phat Beach (Baywatch theme “I’ll be ready”), Young Punx (albums), Phonat (albums), Amplify Dot (Get Down), The Bays, Lauren Simeca & Stephen M (Roxanne), Urban Myth (Africa), Monseratt Caballe, Ya Ya (album), Burns Blue (album)
Madness  (single promo 2013) Bv’s, Radio 1 Roadshow (Ultravox)
Dizzee Rascal (Arena tour & Festivals 2009/2010, Ultravox (European tours & Festivals 1993-96), Vanessa Amorosi,  Ya Ya (UK & Europe tours 1987-89), California Screaming (2009 to present day), Funky Lipstik (2010 to present day), Grand Central (2009 to present day)

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